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Vanessa Ganguin is now part of a global network of trusted immigration boutique experts.

Vanessa Ganguin Immigration Law joins Partners Immigration global network of trusted immigration and mobility experts

September 14 2022

Vanessa Ganguin Immigration Law has joined the Partners Immigration Network of top trusted immigration and global mobility experts. This means we can put you in touch with trusted partners and their contacts for all your needs for moving to dozens of jurisdictions around the world. Partners Immigration can help with everything from visas to settlement, as well as connecting you with the expertise you may need for expanding businesses into their country, tax and relocation services.

Founded in 2021, Partners Immigration is a group of immigration professionals aligned to offer international and multinational inbound immigration and related mobility services. The group consists of a growing number of recommended specialist members operating in over 50 countries worldwide now, and each Partner is a well-established, respected immigration professional in their home market.

Working together with other Partners, we provide full-spectrum immigration service locally and internationally.

Core services include:

  • Full immigration services by best-in-class service providers in 50+ countries and growing
  • Work and study permits
  • Local registration and related services
  • Inbound visas

From single country services to flexible international solutions, Partners Immigration bring comprehensive local knowledge and experience to your immigration and mobility program, without the complexity of working with giant faceless corporates. Partners are a collective in-market best-in-class without the cumbersome framework.

When you are setting up a presence in a new country, Partners Immigration offers a boutique, hand-holding, personal service to make your new adventure as smooth as possible.

Partners brings comprehensive knowledge and experience to your immigration and mobility program, without the complexity of working with major firms.

Partners is founded on the principles of trust, accountability, and the inherent value of personal relationships. According to Ken Nickel-Lane, founding member and Managing Director of Nickel-Lane Immigration in Canada, “Partners is business first, but it’s also deeply personal. If I have a client with immigration needs outside of Canada, who I connect them with is a direct reflection on me and my business. All of us in Partners get that. We help each other up and we hold each other accountable.”

To find out more about the countries we can help set you up with trusted Partners for or for any more details, please call Vanessa Ganguin on +44 (0) 204551 4787 or email Vanessa@vanessaganguin.com