Navigating the post-Brexit immigration system so you and your staff are secure can be challenging for employers.

We have been very busy supporting and training clients big and small as they take the necessary actions to ensure their staff and systems are compliant with the post-Brexit immigration system.

We offer support, training, strategy advice and everything you need to navigate the new Points-Based System, from up to date processes to avoid illegal working to setting up a sponsor licence.

With expert advice, you can assess the impact on your organisation in terms of EU/EEA national employees and what steps are really necessary to be able to employ the talent you need from around the globe.

Post-Brexit workforce audits

Our strategic advice on workforce planning around Brexit is in increasing demand as employers need to understand the consequences on their current and future workforce of the end of free movement.

We will advise you on who will be impacted and how. We provide expert advice on what steps can be taken to protect EU/EEA national employees and family members, including late EU Settlement Scheme applications and British citizenship, and also on what you need to do to navigate the new immigration system and new routes for staff, family, contractors and investors.

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Seminars and workshops on post-Brexit immigration strategies and the new Points-Based System

We regularly run seminars and workshops on Brexit, the changes in the new Points Based System and new immigration options mitigating the consequences for EU/EEA national staff and family members, as well as new immigration routes from all over the world. We also address steps that need taking to still be able to hire people from the EU/EEA as freedom of movement ends with the transition period.

We also provide one-to-one sessions with individual employees to advise and support them with applications for pre settled and settled status and British citizenship, including late applications.

To find out how we can help you please call us on 0207 033 9527 or click here to send us an email

“Vanessa provided training to our team and this proved invaluable to their understanding of what Brexit means for their ability to continue to work in the UK at a time when so much misunderstanding and fear is present.”

HR Co-ordinator, international luxury fashion brand, London.

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