Your organisation may face a range of tough sanctions if you are found to be employing individuals who do not have the appropriate right to work for you.

You can avoid this by ensuring full right to work checks are conducted. We provide specialist advice on the range of illegal working offences and how to avoid them, also how to respond if you fall foul. Following a slow-down during the pandemic, the Home Office has resumed compliance visits and the latest official figures already show a big rise in penalties too.

Advice on how to conduct right to work checks and avoiding civil and criminal sanctions

The legislation and guidance around illegal working can be complex.

Click here for an update on some of the changes around right to work checks to watch out for this summer.

We can advise you on how to avoid civil penalties, criminal sanction and related adverse consequences if you are a sponsor licence holder with specialist advice on carrying out fully compliant right to work checks.

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Advice and representation in relation to a Referral Notice or Civil Penalty Notice

Referral Notices and Civil Penalty Notices can be challenged, and we offer strategic advice, assist you to gather evidence and make representations on your behalf. Being issued a Civil Penalty Notice could mean you lose your sponsor licence or face criminal proceedings and we offer specialist advice in such cases.

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