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What are the new immigration routes employers should be aware of?

4 May 2021

Home Secretary Priti Patel repeatedly insisted our new post-Brexit points-based immigration system would make it easier for firms to employ the “brightest and best from around the world.”

Yet barely three months after ending free movement for EU citizens who want work in the UK, the UK government began announcing more changes to make it easier for employers to attract the best candidates, wherever they come from.

The new developments outlined below are overshadowed by an extreme slowdown in work visas to the UK. There was an unprecedented 35% drop, according to the most recent Home Office figures, and recent ONS figures show EU nationals in employment fell by around 70,000 in the year to 2020 (Q2).

Yet despite free movement ending during a global pandemic there has been good immigration news for employers this year.

What are the latest immigration reforms and how will they help British firms hire the talent they need?