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Britain’s Ukraine visa scheme is complex and unfair, say critics

Vanessa Ganguin in The Observer

6 March 2022

The Observer

Immigration experts continue to lament the UK’s restrictive visa policy. Immigration solicitor Vanessa Ganguin said she has been approached by Ukrainians who were completely baffled by the Home Office rules: “According to the current wording, an aunt can join a niece in Britain but not the other way round. Their British relative has to be an immediate family member of an extended family member, but an extended family member of an immediate member doesn’t count. Confused?”

Ganguin said she had been talking to a former Home Office official who admitted even they weren’t sure how to interpret the rules.

Enver Solomon, chief executive of the Refugee Council, said: “There needs to be greater flexibility so anyone who wants to come to the UK has a safe route to do so – and that would mean extending the visa routes.”